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What's a blog?

Commoncraft video: Blogs in Plain English


Why use a blog?


How can I use blogs in my classroom?


How about some examples?


Which are the best blogs for educators?

  • Edublogs: Features discussion tools, video embedding, hotos, podcasts, Facebook and Twitter integration, and calendars. Blogs can be completely private, and Edublogs only hosts educational content, so it's not usually blocked by schools. Students no longer need e-mail addresses.
  • Kidblog: Designed for elementary and middle school teachers, for providing each student with his or her own individual blog. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs. E-mail addressed not necessary.
  • ClassPress: Unlimited student accounts, and no e-mail addresses required. The usual features, plus automatic content filtering, a drop box, the ability to create a PDF journal of the blog, link accounts with other teachers/classes, and more.



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