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Every day hour, more and more tools become available, and existing tools are constantly updated with new features.


It's a challenge to keep up!




It can be helpful to mentally categorize tools as you discover them.


When you discover an interesting tool, take some time to explore the capabilities of the application and its potential for positively affecting student learning in your classroom:


Students will be able to....



  • Could it help you or your students communicate and share information more effectively?


  • Could it help you or your students collaborate more fully?


  • Could it help you or your students gather, store, and organize information more efficiently?


  • Could it help engage your students to participate more in the learning process?


  • Could it help unleash student creativity, or is it just a flashy tool with no real educational  benefit?


To borrow from the Backwards Design framework...


When thinking about using a digital tool in your classroom, first determine your learning objectives, and then determine if the tool can help you meet them!



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