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What is Web 20

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What is "Web 2.0"?


Some trivia: Tim O'Reilly coined the phrase "Web 2.0" at a conference in 2004 to symbolize the radical transformation of web applications from static read/write pages to interactive, collaborative, and participatory applications.





Here's a definition from Wikipedia, of course...


Web 2.0



A loosely defined term for web applications that go beyond displaying individual pages of static content and allow a community of users to interact with the site and each other by adding or updating the content.


"Web 2.0." The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Denis Howe. 24 Oct. 2010. <Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Web 2.0>.



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These interactive, collaborative, and participatory applications are changing the way students access, interact with, and use information to create knowledge. Learning is now more social than ever!



Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers




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