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Organize the web

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Some tools for organizing websites and web content...


  • LiveBinders: Free site to organize digital content into "binders" with tabs. Upload files and organize links all in one place.
  • Only2Clicks: Create tabs with your favorite websites, and display thumbnail images of each website. Great for using as a visual pathfinder for digital resources!


  • WebList: Weblist is a tool for creating visual lists of websites, displayed as thumbnails. Use Weblist to create lists of websites for students, without the distraction of the free web! Create your list of URLs centered on a specific theme to combine it into one URL. Save it as a smart bookmark or as a customizable home page, share it with friends via email or through the top social media networks, and post it on your blog.


  • Jog the Web: Create a guide to a series of web sites. Users can create annotations and guiding questions for each page.


  • Middlespot: Middlespot is a better way to visually discover, collect, and organize what you like.  With a mashtab you can collect webpages, images, music, videos, web widgets, files, documents, code, and more in one central spot. You can add, annotate, cluster, layer, pan, resize, tweet and share the content you've collected. A mashtab makes a great start page or personal collection of interests.

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