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Social bookmarking

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Social bookmarking - what's that all about?

Commoncraft video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English


Why use social bookmarking?


How can I use social bookmarking in my classroom?

  • Have students create collaborative resources or subject guides for a topic.
  • Share lists of websites with students, teachers, and parents.
  • Teach students about social tagging, and how it can be useful for research.
  • Comment on students' research resources throughout the research process.


How about some examples?


Which are the best tools for educators?

 Diigo: An online tool for researching, collaborating, and sharing your bookmarks. Annotate, archive, and highlight web pages, share your content and stream in content from others, and collaborate to create a group repository of resources. Diigo also has an educational version.


Google Bookmarks: Create lists to share with others. Lists can contain links, maps, images, and videos.

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